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Quite often we get questions about connecting to the Valhalla Mud, Donating to the Mud, and the Book of Blood / Player Killing. This FAQ also contain links to the helpfiles so you can get more information there. To submit your question and get an answer please email

Q: What makes Valhalla unique from other diku muds?

A: The game engine is developed and maintained by some of the people that originally coded DikuMud. The Valhalla engine is designed and optimized for the builders of the game to expand ond develop the game as they like. In most DikuMud derivatives you are limited by having to make the code you put in work, and notr crash the entire game all the time. Steps has been taken to ensure that this does not happend in Valhalla. The game itself is shielded from the programs that the builders make for their computer controlled characters, quests and intelligent swords, etc. Thus enabling greater variety and a larger number of developers to be maintained easier. As an effect you will experience a more stable game, that at the same time is developing fast, and with lots of special features, such as spells and skills, or interresting quests supplied by the builders.

Q: How long has this game been around?

A: We are constantly developing. So asking how long 'this' game has been around is hard to answer. If a date is to be mentioned, the game as you see it has been around since about 1993. During its time it has evolved, and various ideas have been tried out. We still experiment with new ideas, so the game have not, and probably will never reach a 'final state'.

Q: In what ways can I connect to the Valhalla Mud?

A: There are many ways to connect to the Mud so we have made a page called Enter Valhalla to help you find the way that suits you best.

Q: Why cant my char be called d'Artagnan or Børge ?

A: The characters you use for your name is limited to something that is reltively easy typable for others. You may call your character by a name that uses usual ASCII characters, and you may use both capital and normal letters as you please, though the first letter is always capital. Thus a name like DeArtagnan is possible.

Q: What race shold i choose?

A: Well, what race do you want to be? You can take a look at the diferent races here. Each of these races vary in height, weight, lifespan, and abilities to master various arts. If you are unsure what any of this means, pick the human race as it is the best overall race.


Q: What is the deal about guilds?

A: Guilds are organizations of people with the same trade, or way of life. As you begin, you're a member of such an organization. The guild is the primary way of improving your abilities in this game, as well as your only way to learn certain spells and skills. Each time you earn enough experience points to raise a level you may go to your guild and train in these abilities, skills and spells, thus increasing your ability to battle tougher and tougher monsters.

To see which commands are available in a guild, find the guildmaster and look at the sign hanging next to him. The guilds are as follows:

Q: How does weapons, spells and skills work?

A: Generally, both the attack and defence (if applicable) on some specific spell, skill or use of weapons depend on both some ability as well as how proficient you are. As an example, if some creature casts a spell on you, you try defending yourself by turning the magic. If you have good magic abilities, and if youre proficient in the specific spell the creature is using, or know about the general magic sphere that spell is in, you have a higher chance of being unaffected by the magic. The same is the case in use of weapons. If youre strong and agile, and if your have knowledge of the weapon your opponent is using, you have a higher chance of avoiding being hit.

Q: How do i get better/ practice stuff?

A: Generally, you practice your skills and abilities in your guilds. You might be able to gain skills in other places, but you mainly train in your guild. The practice command enables you to raise your abilities, and practice your skills, spells and weapons. The command can only be used at a teacher. Different teachers teach different abilities, skills and spells or weapons and the cost is different in each guild. Your race also modifies this cost.

Q: Where am i relatively safe as a newbie?

A: Well, relative is the right word. However, if you stay close to Udgaard, where you start out, you should be relatively safe. You might even venture to take the trip to Midgaard, the larger city.

Q: What is this 'clan' business?

A: Clans are designed to accomodate relatively small groups of people who want to join together for a common purpose. Clan benefits include a home, a tattoo, a secure clan channel, a clan bulletin board, a clan donation chest, and more.

To start a clan the person who wishes to be the Clan Master simply goes to Douglas and uses the APPLY command. The application will get sent to the Clan gods who will approve it, write your clan home, and install it into Valhalla. When this is done you simply go back to Douglas and use the CHECK command. He will give the Clan Master powers to you and giving you the ability to induct members, expel members, retire, and more.

Q: What are 'comm' channels?

A: The 'comm' channels are channels of communication. They allow players to discuss different stuff. You control the creation of channels yourself, and you can communicate with everyone else on the same channel by typing the channelname before the message you want everyone who is 'on' the same channel to hear. Especially, you might want to chat with other players of the same guild.

Q: What does AFK or BRB mean?

A: Theres alot of 'lingo' used in mud's all around. Mostly wierd shorthands for common situations. AFK is Away From Keyboard, and BRB is Be Right Back. Also phonetic shorthands are common, such as 'ne1' = 'any one', 'and 'cul8r' = 'See you later'. If you hang around enough you'll get used to them and start using them yourself, you'll C.

Q: How do i change things .. like screen size and ANSI colors?

A: Recently we collected a number of commands changing the setup of a player into one command. The command is now called 'change', and it has lots of optios.

Q: Can i kill other players?

A: The Book of Blood is the one and only way that a player will be allowed to PK on the mud. Basically after level 10, you go to the library in midgaard and sign the book. Once you sign the book you may never have your PK flag removed, do NOT bother to ask the gods to remove it. There should NEVER be an instance where a non-Book of Blood signer is PKed or PKing. If this happens it is considered bug abuse and grounds for deletion. Here is a list of SOME of the rules of BoB and their penalties.

In the above named instances PK means:


Q: How can i help give ideas, create zones, or otherwise expand the game?

A: For small ideas ton a given zone, you may use the 'idea' command, then the creator of that zone can view yours and other ideas when they log on. If you want to create zones all of your own, you should contact the admin, and you will be assigned a sort of supervisor. Usually you should come up with a theme first, so that we can coordinate the effords and avoid two people working on virtually the same idea. Your creational freedom in making a zone is goverened by a few rules, that we keep to ensure quality and stability of the game. You can view all documentation on the WWW pages in the 'builders library'

Q: How, and to whom do i complain?

A: HEY! .. we don't like whiners! .. seriously. If theres something youre not satisfied with in the game, such as things that are out of order, or such, you may complain to any god. If you want to complain about the behaviour of a given god, you should email the administration as a whole. And there will be some kind of hearing about the case. A list of Admin and their email addresses can be found using the 'wizlist' command.

Q: How to reward other players ?

A: Well, be nice to them, help them find their way, lend the equipment, or food. Heal their wounds or give them some gold if they lack.

Q: Who is the 'Admin' and what do they do?

A: The immortals on this game are those who have played the game for some time and have now chosen to become programmers and administrators. As a rule you should not bother an immortal player as they are generally on the game to test something or to speak with a specific player. A list of Admin and their email addresses can be found using the 'wizlist' command.

Q: How does Godhood work, whats the rules?

A: Usually the title of God is reserved for people that work actively for the game. In order to maintain some organizational layout we limit the number of people of a given 'rank' or function. Thus if a god is not active for some reason, he/she is usually demoted so another can step forward and fill the place. The most common Godhood function is that of a builder. Creating quality work will gain you such a rank among the gods of Valhalla. Occasionally immortal players will arrange an online quest or other event. However, immortals are generally barred from interfering with mortal players and can be deleted from the game for doing so.

Q: When I try to connect to Valhalla with my Macintosh, the text turns to garbage characters after I enter my name and password.

A: If you are using NCSA telnet for the Macintosh this happens often, don't panic, there is a 'hit RETURN to continue' at the end of all that garbage, go up to the 'Session' menu and select 'Reset Terminal'.Then you can hit return and the characters will be normal again. (You may have to do this every time you log in)

Q: Using NCSA Telnet for the Macintosh I have real problems logging in to Valhalla, such as getting the 'Goodbye Friend' message right after login.

A: There is something screwy about the way or amount of Carriage Returns NCSA Telnet sends after you enter your username, the best way to override this is to open a SimpleText document and put your username and password on the first and second line respectively, now you can cut and paste those lines to the telnet session when it asks for your username and you can bypass hitting the enter key.

Q: Can I buy the Valhalla software to begin my own mud?

A: Yes, you should go to the business section of

Q: What does Valhalla Mud cost to play?

A: Valhalla is basically free to play, but we do appreciate your donation showing your appreciation for the huge amount of work which has gone into making this the best mud ever.

A donation of just $30 or more per year will allow you access to *all* areas of Valhalla (without the donation your selection of area is limited but the game is still free of charge).

You are also able to show your appreciation of our work by bribing us into giving you certain benefits. For example, you can get your own temple constructed, get your name engraved on a stone tablet or buy special skills and benefits. For more information type 'help donations' on the mud.

Q: So i want to get the extra areas, get power items, participate in the lottery, etc ... how do i pay ?
In order to make your donation or pay for benefits, you use a credit card,
check, or money order. You can also access out secure onlie order process
using you credit card, for more information on this click the 'Donation'
button off the main page.

Our addresses are:


Ken Perry / Blinksoft Consulting
Box 967
Sooke BC Canada, V0S1N0

United States:

        Blinksoft Consulting
	4023 Chaderton Ct
	Duluth, GA 30096


                  Ken Perry:
                      Kathy Perry:
                            Tim Perry:

If you are using snail mail please use the Canada address if you can
because it is faster.  The United states mail gets routed to Canada but
for our American customers we have made an american mail address
availible for cheap mailing. 

For information about sending personal checks or money orders please
see 'help check'.


Q: I live abroad, how do i pay then?

A: If you have a creditcard that we accept, no special things apply to the procedure above. If not, talk with your bank on how to make a moneyorder to Valhalla MUD / Blinksoft Consulting. (see also 'help check')