*************************************************************************** * BUILDER'S TEST * * Version 2 * * Updated: March 29 2001 * * * * Valhalla is Copyrighted 1990 - 2001 (C). All Rights Reserved (R) * * Useable in the 50 LEVEL mud Created By Palio Changed by Darg * ***************************************************************************

Valhalla's Builder Test

Welcome new builder. This is a short building test to ensure that you meet Valhalla's high standards of area creation. It is only a short test and is intended to both familiarize you with the concepts of building for Valhalla and to familiarize us with your building style. If you are ready to take this test please contact Darg@valhalla.com and ask for a trial zone on the Valhalla Test Site. The Valhalla Test Site is located at blinksoft.com 5252. The Please feel free to take your time with this test and give us your very best work. Please ensure you read Building.txt before you ask for a zone so you know your rights and obligations as a builder.

You will need to complete the following:

1)All documents can be viewed at www.valhalla.com/Builders/docs.html.

2) Read through the docs and familiarize yourself with the building formats as well as the limits for mobiles and items.

3) Create 5-7 rooms complete:
   -Descriptions not less then 3 lines long
   -Exit description
   -At least one door
   -At least one hidden exit
   -At least one room set light
   -At least one room set dark
   -Correct Spelling
   -Correct use of grammar
   -Correct use of the English language  

4) Create 3 Mobiles complete:
  -One humanoid
  -One monster
  -One magic user
  -Complete with descriptions
  -Legal amount of money on the mobile
  -Legal amount of exp bonus on the mobile
  -If using macro's correct macro for the weapon type. 
  -if using MSETS correct usage
  -Load mobiles into the rooms using resets
  -Base these on a level 50 zone for limits
  -Show proper use of functions on mobs for teamwork,
   rescue and combat magic.
  -Set one mob with wander zone function. 

5) Create 3 Objects complete:
  -One weapon type
  -One armor type
  -One other item type  (lamp, container)
  -Items must be usable for the purpose they are made. (a plate must be wearable)
  -Items must be in limits on ability bonus's, craftsmanship, magical modifier and  cost. 
  -Have extras as needed
  -Armor and weapon item loaded onto mobiles with use of resets. 
  -Other Item type loaded into a room with use of resets.

6) All parts of this test must be included in a zone file that is set up
   correctly. If you need help learning how to compile the zone there are
   many gods on Valhalla that will be willing to give you a hand just ask.
   Again it must meet the Limits of a level 50 zone.

When you look at building a zone for Valhalla, you should do so because you see a need missing, an area or object or mobile that is not built and would make the mud a better place for all to play. You should want to build for valhalla because you want to create a great zone. Please do not look at building as a way to get a 'Admin Character' or because you want to build yourself the ultimate playground. If you intend to build for Valhalla do it because you want to make the mud a better place for everyone.