Builder Agreement

Version 2.0 Updated January 1, 2000

Author: Michael Seifert (Papi)

Revised: Ken Perry (Whistler)

This document describes the terms on which "world creators" (builders) are allowed to work with and modify Valhalla.


Unfortunately, we have had a lot of incidents with upset builders. What usually happens is, that there is a lot of screaming back and forth, the builder quits, and we have to remove his work. For each new builder acquired, we spend a lot of time teaching him or her, debugging and evaluating their zones, programs, and adjusting other zones to fit with the concept and histories of the new zone. It is therefore unacceptable for us to "lose" such builder's work.

What not to do as a builder

Do not make special programs or any other things, which serve only the purpose of giving fast XP, levels, or other means of cheating. Yes, this has happened on several occasions, where a builder for example coded a special password, which when used, allowed any player to gain one level (repeatedly).

All of our files, including zones, headers, definition files, etc., are copyrighted! Do not remove any of the copyright messages from these files. Yes, this has happened recently, where a builder decided he wanted to build his own mud. He therefore made exact copies of our header files and replaced our copyright messages with his own. If you wish to use any of our work - send us an email (!

If you have created an item/monster/whatever which the experienced administration (us) deems out of limits, too powerful or too easy, then you must fix it if told to! If you fail to do so, we will modify your work so it gets in compliance with the way we feel it should be. This has caused many builders to get upset, but we feel it is necessary to do in order to maintain a proper game balance. If you think you will have any problem with this - *don't become a builder* !

We the administration can be hard to work with but please bare with us and try to be understanding in that we deal with many builders and we must look out for the best interests of the mud.

By being a builder you hereby understand and agree to:

1) All work performed on Valhalla MUD and or Valhalla Test MUD for Valhalla MUD is done exclusively for the benefit of Valhalla MUD, and the product of such work shall be "works made for hire." Valhalla MUD shall own all rights to such works and may make any use or nonuse of such works without payment or obligation to you.

2) You understand that all ideas and information concerning your work are trade secrets of Valhalla MUD and are not to be discussed with or revealed to any third party without the permission of Valhalla MUD.

3) God status on the test mud and temporary access to Valhalla during your work is the sole payment for all services provided by you. You are not entitled to the payment of royalties, other compensation, present or future access to Valhalla MUD for works developed in the course of your access to Valhalla MUD.

4) This agreement does not create any right to employment with Valhalla MUD and is in addition to other agreements that may have been made by you and Valhalla MUD. Except as specified herein, this agreement does not limit any rights of you or Valhalla MUD created by other contracts or laws.

End of agreement.

Don't worry, be happy

Although the above may sound rather harsh, we are in fact nice people. I have set aside a bank account for the builders, in the hope, that if we do make a profit that can be shared we will include the builders in it.